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The person responsible for the day to day running of premises is legally obliged to nominate competent persons to take charge in a fire emergency. These competent persons are commonly referred to as Fire Wardens or Fire Marshals, this course is designed for members of staff nominated as Fire Wardens or Marshals.

Fire Warden & Marshal Training Courses delivered at your premises nationwideCourse Objectives...

The aim of the course is to equip Fire Wardens & Marshals with the necessary knowledge and provide them with a greater understanding of the fire risks in the workplace. We will educate them about fire, the way in which it spreads, the correct way to fight fire and how to effectively carry out their roles with added confidence. An understanding of fire safety risks and how to prevent them will be gained, this is valuable information for all business owners to educate their staff.

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The duration of the course is 2-3 hours or better known as half a day. The course theory session is delivered by media presentation (please see below) followed by the outdoor ‘live’ fire practical fire extinguisher session which requires an outdoor space of approximately 6 car park spaces.

Our trainers are fully experienced ex fire service professionals and possess a vast range of fire prevention Knowledge ensuring your staff are educated to the highest standards. Upon completing the course candidates will receive a certificate of training which is valid for 2 years which upon expiry a refresher course is recommended.

We charge a set fee per course and not per candidate, we normally train between 12-15 candidates per session so if you have limited numbers to train we would strongly recommend you invite staff from neighbouring companies to join you and share the cost which can equate to less than £33.00 per person and we come to you!...our set fee is £485.00+vat whether you have 1 (yes...we have trained just 1) or 15 candidates on the course so the more you train the more cost-effective it will be for you. Please note that the price is set, no accommodation costs, no travelling costs, no fire extinguisher refill costs and of hidden extras!

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For our latest availability just send us an e-mail with your details, let us know how many candidates you would like trained (optional) but up to 15, include your address and any specific requests, for example, you may want us to train your staff on specific company procedures as defined within your fire risk assessment and/or company fire policy and we will provide you with the dates within 24 hours. We strongly suggest that once you have our latest dates try and pencil in at least 2 dates with your staff as a delayed decision may mean that your chosen date may be unavailable as the dates are subject to change on a daily basis due to course popularity, we hope to hear from you soon and of course meeting and training you soon.

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Below you will find the contents of the courses on offer, and the courses provide all candidates with a certificate of attendance and training received following payment, this information can then be kept within your health & safety folder ready to be produced during your next inspection by your local community fire safety officer.

Fire warden training course contents

  • Fire legislation (present & any future changes)
  • Fire wardens/marshals responsibilities
  • Theory of combustion
  • Basic fire precautions
  • Fire routines
  • Fire classifications
  • Fire alarms & evacuation procedures
  • Human behaviour in fire situations
  • Liaison with the fire service
  • Practical outdoor 'LIVE' fire fighting training
  • Classroom course de-brief
  • Questions and answers

Fire warden training, You must provide adequate fire safety training for your staff. The type of training should be based on the particular features of your premises and should:

  • Take account of the findings of the fire risk assessment;
  • Explain your emergency procedures;
  • Take account of the work activity and explain the duties and responsibilities of staff;
  • Take place during normal working hours and be repeated periodically where appropriate;
  • Be easily understandable by your staff and other people who may be present; and
  • Be tested by fire drills.

In simple premises this may be no more than showing new staff the fire exits and giving basic training on what to do if there is a fire. In complex premises with a high staff turnover and many shift patterns, the organisation of fire safety training will need to be planned. Your training should include the following:

  • What to do on discovering a fire;
  • How to raise the alarm and what happens then;
  • What to do upon hearing the fire alarm;
  • The procedures for alerting contractors and visitors including, where appropriate, directing them to exits;
  • The arrangements for calling the fire and rescue service;
  • The evacuation procedures for everyone in your factory or warehouse to reach an assembly point at a place of total safety;
  • The location and, when appropriate, the use of firefighting equipment;
  • The location of escape routes, especially those not in regular use;
  • How to open all emergency exit doors;
  • The importance of keeping fire doors closed to prevent the spread of fire, heat and smoke;
  • Where appropriate, how to stop machines and processes and isolate power supplies in the event of a fire;
  • The reason for not using lifts (except those specifically installed or nominated, following a suitable fire risk assessment;
  • the safe use of and risks from storing or working with highly flammable and explosive substances; and
  • The importance of general fire safety, which includes good housekeeping.

All the staff identified in your emergency plan that have a supervisory role if there is a fire (e.g. heads of department, fire marshals or wardens and, in complex premises, fire parties or teams), should be given details of your fire risk assessment and receive additional training. Have your staff received any fire safety training? Have you carried out a fire drill recently? Are employees aware of specific tasks if there is a fire? Are you maintaining a record of training sessions? Do you carry out joint training and fire drills in multi-occupied buildings? If you use or store hazardous or explosive substances have your staff received appropriate training? Do your staff have refresher fire warden training.

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